Alternate Names/Spellings 釣瓶おとし, 釣瓶火, つるべび, Tsurube-bi, Tsurubebi, Tsurube-Oroshi
Origins Japanese Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Appearance Fireball or disembodied head falling from a tree...


The Tsurube-Otoshi is a creature with origins in Japanese mythology, legend and folklore.


Tsurube-Otoshi vary in appearance; sometimes, Tsurube-Otoshi will sometimes appear as a fireball; sometimes as a normal-sized disembodied head from a human, a Tengu or an Oni; sometimes as a giant head of the former.

Some believe that the appearance variation is due to shapeshifting powers, while others simply believe that this is a type of being that a creature can become, similar to a Vampire or perhaps a Zombie.

If the latter is the case, the process is unknown by which a creature may undergo such a transformation.


They are known to drop down from tall trees, in a manner similar to the Drop Bear, onto unwary travelers, to scare, harm or even kill them.

Though, some may instead drop well buckets down on unwary passersby, and scoop them up into the trees to do their harm, kill and/or eat them.


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