"Are you fur shore we can conseal our pelts here?"

--A Seal-Wife to her husband...

Alternate Names/Spellings (f) Seal Wife, Selchidh, Selchie, (pl) Selkie Fowk, Silkie
Origins Irish and Scottish Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Element Water
Species Therianthrope
Appearance Phocine Therianthrope


The Selkie is one of a race of creatures with origins in Celtic mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of their existence first arose in the mythology, legend and folklore of Ireland and Scotland. Such accounts are often quite similar in nature to those of Swan Maidens.


A Selkie, in human mien, looks barely different from any other human. For the most part, they are said to be more beautiful than most (and in some cases, they have been known to possess webbed fingers and/or toes, and perhaps large, seal-like eyes). Otherwise, they might have distinguishing physical features closely resembling that of an ordinary Irishman or a Scotsman.


Mira and her relatives take a rest on the rocky shores...



Russell loves exploring the Northern Crystal Caves...


The abilities of the Selkie lie within the magical seal pelt that they possess. When worn, it allows a Selkie to flawlessly assume the form of a seal.

It is also said that male Selkies have a sort of 'seductive power' over human women, though many believe that this is more of a skill or quality of personality than an actual psychic influence.



A selkie and her extended family...

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