24 RedCap
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Alignment Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
Species Fay
Appearance Red-Capped Dwarf


The Redcap is one of a race of creatures with origins in British mythology, legend and folklore.


Redcaps are often seen as small, ugly old men with large mouths and red caps and tattered clothing.


Redcaps are said to live in old, abandoned castles and dungeons, and murder travelers who stay into their domain. Redcaps also are known to make their caps red by drenching them in human blood.


Redcaps also constantly made loud, strange noises like beating flacks. It was said if these sounds grew especially loud it was a sign of death or misfortune.



It is said that the only way to escape a Redcap is by reciting a verse from the Bible, for passages from the Bible bring the Redcap pain, and it will turn away and flee.

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