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Battle-ready only begins to describe them.
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Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Species Monstrous Humanoid
Appearance Deformed, Monstrous Humanoid


Orcs are warriors by birth. They may have been purposely created by some long forgotten race. They, themselves, state that they have always roved the world in their warring tribes.


All Orcs are strong, athletic and fit. They are humanoid with green skin, sharp teeth and the occasional set of horns. Even the rare female Orc looks athletic enough to bench-press your average human.


Orcs are known for their bad tempers...


Your average Orc is proud and fairly aggressive. They will take no insults to themselves or anything that they care about. When an Orc looses their temper, entire buildings may be vacated.


Even with their muscle, an Orc is very very strong for their size. Even a calm Orc can flip a mini-van. When angered, the Orcish equivalent of adrenaline pumps through their system and things begin to break. A raging Orc is practically unstoppable until they calm down.


And their pillaging prowess...


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