Auramancer Auramancy
Alternate Names/Spellings Numerous, based on rank and society...
Alignment Any
Species Human (or humanoid)
Appearance Esoteric humanoid


The Mystic is a being with origins in mythology, legend and folklore all around the world.

Through faith and/or enlightenment, a Mystic is empowered with incredible knowledge and/or amazing mystical might.


Mystics can range from someone utterly normal to a person wearing the garb of a priest or minister.



Mystics are generally good, compassionate souls who help or enlighten those they meet. Those who do not remain in a single area generally wander the globe, helping as they go. They are usually serene and unperturbed by anything around them, wholly at peace.


Wisdom is the most common trait of a mystic.  While this may not be as impressive as fireballs or lightning, it holds a power all of it's own.

Many mystics can sense future, or fates. They often are able to speak to spirits or conjure ancestors. Some can heal wounds or wipe away illness. Others know exactly what to say to mend wounds of the spirit, or calm those of the mind.


"I realize your purpose for coming. No. Your fate CANNOT be changed."

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