"Alright, men. This here tunnel's gonna collapse soon. We got a way to survive it, but how about we warn those poor humans before they get hurt?"
Alternate Names/Spellings Bucca, Bwca, Knacker, Tommyknocker
Alignment Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Species Fay
Appearance Diminutive miner


The Knocker is one of a race of creatures with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of the United Kingdom. In particular, accounts of their existence first arise in the mythology, legend and folklore of Wales, and from there, stretched to regions such as England and Cornwall.


Knockers are said to be the spirits of those who died in previous tin mine fatalities. They tend to stand at about two feet high, have over sized heads, tattered, wrinkled skin, and dress in mining fatigues. Their long arms almost touch the ground and carry such items as pick axes and lamps.


"Knock, knock."


Miners knew the Knockers well, but opinions on their intentions differed. Some said that their knocks were attempts to break the tunnel walls down, others say the knockers' knocks were directions to better mining spots, and others claim that the knock are warnings of incoming mine collapses.

At their best they were said to be mischievous, stealing tools and candles; and at their worst, they set the tunnels on fire.




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