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Alternate Names/Spellings Jiang Shi, (Cantonese) Goeng-Si, (Vietnamese) Cương Thi, (Korean) Gangshi, (Japanese) Kyonshī
Appearance Hopping corpse of an Asian aristocrat...


The Jiangshi is a creature with origins in Chinese mythology, legend and folklore. Accounts of its existence are first documented by the Chinese scholar Ji Yun (or Ji Xiaolan or Ji Chunfan) in his book Yuewei Caotang Biji. Since then, accounts of their existence have spread as far past China, in the human world, as Korea, Vietnam and Japan.


Generally, a jiangshi's appearance can range from unremarkable (as in the case of a recently deceased person) to horrifying (rotting flesh, rigor mortis, as with corpses that have been in a state of decay over a period of time). The Chinese character for "jiang" (僵) in "jiangshi" literally means "hard" or "stiff". It is believed that the jiangshi is so stiff that it cannot bend its limbs and body, so it has to move around by hopping while keeping its arms stretched out for mobility. Jiangshi are depicted in popular culture to have a paper talisman (with a sealing spell) attached onto and hanging off the forehead in portrait orientation, and wear a uniform coat-like robe and round-top tall rimmed hat characteristic of a mandarin (Chinese official from during the Qing dynasty). A peculiar feature is its greenish-white skin; one theory is that this is derived from fungus or mould growing on corpses. It is said to have long white hair all over its head and may behave like animals. The influence of western vampire stories brought the blood-sucking aspect to the Chinese myth in more modern times in combination with the concept of the hungry ghost, though traditionally they feed off solely the qi of a living individual for sustenance and in order to grow more powerful.



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