Alternate Names/Spellings Liengu, (pl) Maengu, (pl) Miengu
Species Humanoid


The Jengu is a creature with origins in African mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of their existence are first recorded within the mythology, legend and folklore of the Duala, Bakweri, and other Sawa ethnic groups in Cameroon.

They are said to possess some link or association with an African water spirit, Mami Wata.


The Jengu looks like a mermaid or merman of African descent. From the waist up, its skin is Black, its hair color and texture is full and wooly, and its face is very close in resemblance to surface dwellers from the surrounding lands.

Below the waist, its fish tail is similar to that of the various fish that live within its waters, although longer and more serpentine, as fitting proportions to the Jengu's body.

The physical build of a Jengu tends to range from sleek and lithe to hearty and athletic. And those which wear accessories tend toward jewelry and other baubles common to their surface dwelling counter parts, according to gender and social status. That is, as long as said accessories do not hinder much from swimming.



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