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Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, Neutral Good
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Ice, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity, Luck/Fate/Fortune, Time, Water
Species Magical Beasts
Appearance Large-beaked waterfowl...


Halcyons are distant relatives of Kingfishers. They are born from eggs in nests floating on water during a time known as Halcyon Days.


They are somewhat compact birds with large heads and a large pointed beak. They often have bright coloration.


A Halcyon is noted to remain near water most of the time, ready to dive towards it in order to catch extremely surprised fish. During their mating season, Halcyon will build floating nests out on the water.


Halcyons never see bad weather. They carry with them an aura of calm weather. Storms die down around them, gales turn into breezes and blizzards turn into gently falling snow. This ability waxes during their mating period, to the point that the weather is calm for miles around.Template:Disclaimer


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