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Alternate Names/Spellings Griphon, Griffin, Gryffin
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Appearance Most commonly a chimera-like creature with the forefront of an eagle and the back half of a lion.


The Gryphon (Griffon, Griffin) is a creature with origins in Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek Mythology, Medieval Legend and Heraldry.


Alce- wingless gryphon

Axex- hawk gryphon

Heliodromos- vulture gryphon

Keythong- spiky gryphon

Opinicus (Epimacus)- body of a lion, two or four legs, eagle or dragon's head, eagle wings, camel tail

Typical Gryphon (True Gryphon)


The Gryphon is an ancient beast from the sands of Egypt, the gryphon has the body and hind legs of an lion. Its fur keeps it warm within the colder months and helps keep sun rays off their skin. The gryphon has giant bird-like wings that let it fly through the sky. It has the fore-front of an eagle which gives it keen eye sight and a powerful hearing so it can hunt its prey even better.

Gryphon, Stanley Morrison


Gryphons are carnivorous hunters, with hunting patterns more of raptor than of lion. They're seldom docile creatures, and quite difficult for humans to tame.


Besides keen eyesight and notable sense of smell, gryphons also have two different sets of powerful claws and the gift of flight.


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