Golden Ram
Golden Ram-1-
Worth its weight in gold, and more...
Alternate Names/Spellings Crius Chrysomallus, Crios Chrysomallos, Golden Fleece, Krios Khrysomallos
Origins Greek Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Earth, Light, Metal/Magnetism
Species Magical Beast (Nymphet)
Appearance A ram with golden fleece...


The Golden Ram is a creature with origins in Greek mythology, legend and folklore. The original was born to the god Poseidon (in the form of a ram) and the nymph Theophane.


Golden Ram (Golden Fleece, Khrysomallos, Chrysomallos, Chrysomallus)

"Here. I bring you the fleece of the Golden Ram."


Helle, Phrixus and the Golden Ram

Helle, Phrixus and the Ram...



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