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Giant Animal
2691393-King Kong by dark spider
The greatest of Great Apes, King Kong...
Alternate Names/Spellings N/A
Origins Worldwide
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Earth, Gravity/Space/Void
Species Magical Beast
Appearance Gigantic version of a mundane animal...


Names of Specific Giant Animals:

-Jonah's Fish [Bible]: Giant Fish that swallowed the prophet Jonah

-Karkinos (Carcinos, Cancer) [Greek]: Giant Crab

-King Kong [Modern]: Giant Gorilla

-Skorpios (Scorpios, Scorpio) [Greek]: Giant Scorpios



The warrior Conan hates snakes for a reason...

The Best HD HQ Hi-Res Wallpapers Collection - Fantasy Art by tonyx 1300 pictures-1234.jpg Gladius 0911 John Berkey King Kong and the Snake

Kong takes on a serpentine menace...




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