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The genie are Djinni that have been imprisoned inside magically enchanted objects such as lamps or rings. While imprisoned Genies are forced to grant wishes of any who release them. Although, they are often demonic in nature their alignment can vary. They come in different forms which are often associated with a particular element.


Genie often appear as a humanoid giant composed of their respective element, though their form is not definite as they are often capable of shapeshifting. Size varies from giants that seem to reach the clouds, to human sized ones.


Djinn imprisoned-1-

Trapping a djinn to be a genie...

A genie's behavior can vary depending on alignment and time of imprisonment, those who were imprisoned longer often being more malevolent . The most malevolent will use all their intelligence to thwart the wishing person by finding a loophole or changing a factor the wisher did not include. The more benevolent Genies will grant wishes without this behavior and might even grant a larger number of wishes.


They posses the power to grant almost any wish that the user asks for in proportion to their power level. They also commonly posses flight and the power to shapeshift.

Djinn Genie by Bhryn

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