Andvikfossegrimen waterspir
Alternate Names/Spellings Fosse-Grim, Fossergrim, (pl) Fossegrimen, Grim, Nack (Näck), Nakki (Näkki), Nokk (Nøkk), (pl) Nokken (Nøkken), Stromkarl (Strömkarl), (pl) Stromkarlen (Strömkarlen)
Origins Norse Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
Element Darkness/Shadow, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Sound, Water
Species Nymphet (Shapeshifter)
Appearance Lithe, water-dwelling musician...


The Fossegrim is a creature with origins in Norse mythology, legend and folklore. It is a creature akin to the Norse Nix, and the two are very closely related.

Though, it is known that the two are not the same creature, as Nixes can be either male or female (and even shift gender), while Fossegrimen are exclusively male.


Fossegrim, Strömkarlen- Juhannus

"Come closer. I'll play you a tune."


It is a very cunning and crafty creature, able to play the fiddle to lure people into it's Spring, where they will drown. 


The Fossegrim is able to play the fiddle, changing it from Classical to a nice and lively jig. Aside from this, it is a perfectionist, where even a wrong tune on his fiddle, or anywhere near him for that matter, he will experience great discomfort. It is sometimes said to transform into a fox, which is fitting for it's nature.

Deadly music by lhox-d6chm7k