Roman Faun-1-
"Oh, just go on ahead, men...I shall rejoin the festivities shortly..."
Alternate Names/Spellings (f.) Fauna, (f.) Fauness, (m.) Faunus
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil
Species Chimera (Humanoid)
Appearance Humanoid with ears, legs and perhaps other features of a goat or deer


The Faun is one of a race of creatures with origins in Roman mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of their existence claim that they have a connection to the divine lovers Fauna and Faunus (said to be their respective matriarch and patriarch).

It is not known for sure, whether the connection is through birth and descent, or if the spirits were simply created and given similar likeness, to act as divine servants and followers. In all likelihood, both answers are equally correct.


They are similar in appearance to the Satyrs of Greek mythology, though, as evident by their matron, the goddess Fauna, they can occur in both the male and female variety, whereas Satyrs occur strictly as males.

In addition, where Satyrs can occur with equine traits (those of a horse and/or a donkey), a Faun can only ever possess the traits of a goat or a ram (and the traits never intermix).



Faun song by wallabri-d3dsoct
Pan p128


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