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Djinn Chaarmarouch, former King of the Djinni, in all his former glory...
Alternate Names/Spellings Dgen, Djinni, (f) Djinniya, Dschin, Genie, Ginn, Jann, Jin, Jinn, Jinnee, Jinni, (f) Jinniya, Jnun, جني
Origins Islamic Religion, Middle Eastern Mythology
Alignment Lawful Evil, Lawful Good
Element Aether/Quintessence/Divine Essence, Air/Wind/Sky, Darkness/Shadow, Earth/Metal/Sand, Fire, Gravity/Space/Void, Life/Death/Blood, Light, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity, Luck/Fate/Fortune, Metal/Magnetism, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Poison/Acid/Plague, Plant, Sand, Sleep/Dream/Nightmare, Time, Water
Species Humanoid (Infernal)
Appearance (Often) Monstrous Humanoid


The Djinn is a creature with origins in Middle Eastern Mythology, and the Quran of the Islamic religious faith. It is said that they were created by Allah from smokeless fire.

Names of specific Djinn:

-Aicha Kandida (female): cannibal water djinn

-Chaarmarouch (former djinn king): enormous tosser of stones

-Dalham: causes shipwrecks and eats marooned sailors


-Hamou Ukaiou (Ifrit): flying pursuer of women

-Jin Gendang:

-Jin Karaja'an:

-Jin Naubat:

-Jin Nemfiri/Lempiri:

-Jin Sembuana:

-Khadem Quemquoma (female):

-Lalla Mira (Lalla Mirra) (former djinn king)

-Maezt-Dar L'Oudou:

-Mis (evil):

-Moulay Abdelkader Djilani:

-Sa-Gempar'Alam (former djinn prince):

-Sa-Gertak Rang Bumi (former djinn prince):

-Sa-Gunchange Rang Bumi (former djinn prince):

-Sa-Halilintar (former djinn prince):

-Sa-Lakun Darah (former djinn prince):

-Sa-Rukup Rang Bumi (former djinn prince):

-Sa-Tumbok Rang Bumi (former djinn prince):

-Sang Gadin (former djinn queen):

-Sang Gala Raja (Sa-Raja Jin; former djinn king):

-Sidi Hamou:


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And just like humans, Djinni appear as numerous different races. They are as follows:








-Genie: captured

-Ghaddar: descendants of Iblis

-Jin Aslam: "faithful" djinn

-Jin Khafir: "infidel" djinn

-Qarin: attendant djinn

-So'la: devours humans



Djinn are capable of granting wishes but beware. These wishes have a tendency of backfiring on the wisher, often leading to their demise.

Djinn of Smokeless Fire by Joytoy


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