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Alignment Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil
Species Infernal
Appearance Infernal Humanoid


The Asira are the half-siblings of the Deva. However, Unlike their dutiful realtives, the Asura want for nothing more than to seek out their own selfish designs.


While they could superficially pass for Deva, most Asura have a threatening aura.


Much like the Deva, an Asura's basic nature is tied to a particular aspect of the world. However, where the Deva seek to protect and bless their domains an Asura only seeks to use it to destroy or please themselves. Asura are by nature materalistic and selfish. Despite this, Asura have no real problem working with others if that will further their plans or increase the mayhem they desire.


The powers of an Asura are tied to the aspect they control. A Fire Asura, for example, would be able to control and create fire. Those with a more broad aspect would have more power than those with a more specific one. Like Deva, they have a certain amount of innate magic due to their unholy power.


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