Johann Heinrich Füssli 053
Alternate Names/Spellings
Origins German Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Evil, Neutral
Element Darkness/Shadow, Sleep/Dream/Nightmare
Species Goblinoid
Appearance Stubby, sneaky little goblinoid...


The Alp is a creature with origins in German mythology, legend and folklore.


Alps normally appear as a childsized, elf-like being. They normally wear some kind of hat, the Tarnkappe, which grants them a few of their powers. Most of them are male.

They are created by a variety of things. A human can be turned into one by a witch's curse and a child dying during birth can come back as one. They are summoned by witches sometimes.


Alps appear at night, entering a home and sitting on a sleeping person's chest, causing nightmares and growing heavier. This is named Alpdrücken. Sometimes, they turn into mist and enter a person's body via the nose, gaining short-time control over the victim's body. They also suck at their victim's breastwarts draining a bit of the victim's blood because they expect milk. They also do this to cattle. When they leave a building, they have to leave it the same way they entered it. They are very protective of their Tarnkappe since a large part of their powers stem from it. If they lose it, they'll give great rewards for anyone bringing it back. If they get into trouble, they turn invisible or into mist or transform otherwise to get away. Should they be caught despite all attempts at fleeing, they'll start bargaining and lying to get out of trouble unharmed. They like milk but are repelled by lemons since ingesting lemons will strip them of most of their powers. Their malevolent behavior comes from their ''evil eye''. If it should be removed, they lose their evil intent. If caught in the morning, an alp can be asked to leave the person he's pestering, however, he will try haggling and bargaining so he can keep pestering his victim.


An Alp has the ability to turn a sleeper's dreams into nightmares as well as growing heavier while doing that. The latter ability is called Alpdrücken. Using the shapeshifting ability gained from the Tarnkappe, they can turn into mist and take control of a sleeper's body by entering it. Another one of their abilities is connected to their evil eye: Causing ill luck and disease with their gaze. All other abilities, which are shapeshifting into animals, persons and objects and turning invisible stem from their Tarnkappe; if it gets lost, they lose those abiilities. The Tarnkappe however stays visible when shapeshiftting, it only disappears when turning invisible. Ingesting lemons causes them to lose all abilities including movement for a short time no matter if they still wear their hat. Using this weakness before setting them on fire is the only way of killing alps without them turning into mist and escaping. Due to being an elf-like being, they are vulnerable to pure iron and silver.